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Q: What are the benefits of stainless steel guitar slides compared to glass guitar slides?

A: Stainless steel guitar slides provide a "brighter" tone and a fast attack. The Swivel Slide is much more durable. A Swivel Slide is built to last, it will not break like conventional glass and ceramic guitar slides, is much lighter while still providing amazing tone.

Q: Is the Swivel Slide suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Swivel Slide is suitable for beginners. It is fun to use, and removes the feeling of awkwardness and limitation conventional guitar slides have. The Swivel Slide can be used by any level of player and style of music.

Q: Is the Swivel Slide suitable for kids?

A: Yes, the Swivel Slide is very suitable for kids. The Swivel Slide is the only guitar slide designed with the option of women and children's sizes. It is also very light weight.

Q: Is the Swivel Slide suitable for any type of guitar?

A: The Swivel Slide is can be used with any stringed instrument. Guitars, acoustic or electric, resonators and Dobro's. Contact and request to order for the Swivel Slide "Stubby" version, also good for playing mandolins, violins and banjo's. The Swivel Slide is the perfect guitar accessory for any string wielding musician.

Q: How to determine the right size?

A: Swivel Slide sizes are Standard North American Jewelry sizes. If you do not know your ring size, there are other methods on the sizing page to assist you in determining your correct size. It is optimal to have a comfortable, snug fit.

Q: Is the Swivel Slide easy to use?

A: The Swivel Slide is very easy to use. Once a guitar slinger develops the "Swivel Action" or the "Flick", you'll never lose the draw. It may take a few uses to break the action in. The Swivel Slide becomes more responsive with use.

Q: Can I use the Swivel Slide on any finger?

A: Yes, the Swivel Slide can be used on any finger of your choice.

Q: Does the Swivel Slide require maintenance?

A: The Swivel Slide requires very little maintenance. For optimal performance and response, the Swivel Slide should be briefly soaked and cleaned in soap and water. A liquid lubricant can be used, however liquid lubricants such as silicone spray can attract dirt and dust particles. A little graphite powder will work much more effectively and require less cleaning. Swivel Slide mojo powder (graphite) will take the Swivel Slide from the speed of sound to the speed of lightning! Look for Swivel Slide "Mojo Powder" and good vibe "Slide Glide" Swivel Slide guitar lubricant and polish with other Swivel Slide guitar accessories.

Q: Do you offer custom made guitar slides?

A: The Swivel Slide is a custom made guitar slide. It is made to "Fit". We also offer the Swivel Slide with a 24 carat gold finish.

Q: Can I find the Swivel Slide in my local music store?

A: At this moment the Swivel Slide is not available in retail stores. Look for new retail distributors in your area or ask your favorite music store to visit and become a reseller.

Q: Do you do wholesale ?

A: Swivel Slide will wholesale to contracted distributors.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: The Swivel Slide is shipped worldwide, with a variety of shipping methods at your special request. Contact for custom shipping rates.

Q: How can I become a reseller ?

A: Contact and request information on how to become a reseller or affiliate of Swivel Slide and Swivel Slide guitar accessories.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Customer satisfaction is number one at Swivel Slide. Any product determined faulty will be replaced. Products may be exchanged at the shipping expense of consumer. A re-stocking fee may apply. Visit the Return policy page for more information.

Q: Is the Swivel Slide Patented?

A: We get asked this all the time because it's such an amazing product. The Swivel Slide is 'Patent Pending'.