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#1 Do not falter from the groove.

#2 Always keep your Swivel Slide with you, practice the flick until it is second nature. It will become so, and never let you down.

#3 For beginning slide guitar, you may want to raise the action on your guitar. This will eliminate hitting the frets or fretboard which can become frustrating and sound is somewhat unpleasant at first until you improve your technique and feel for lower action.

#4 Also for beginning slide guitar, you may want to choose an open tuning. For example open E, or open G. These are tunings that are basically a guitar chord in the open position. This will allow you a more forgiving opportunity to explore slide guitar. It may be considered that standard tuning requires a more disciplined and accurate delivery. The Swivel Slide is perfect for open tuning or standard tuning.

#5 To activate The Swivel Slide takes only a quick flick of the wrist. The Swivel Slide simply falls away when not in use.

#6 Make Memorable Music, Make Music Memorable.

#7 Action works better with confidence.

#17 "Chicks Dig the Flick"

#23 When in a jam situation always play something straight up and simple for others to play along. Everyone sounds much better that way. Keep your change and progression signals clear and don't hog all the solos, though it is not noticed so much if you do because you can go from slide playing to standard fretting and a lot of people will think it is another guitar player, so you do get to have longer solos. Now go rock!

#42 It's only as hard as you think.

#64 Reject Rejection

#77 Remember always, "If it ain't all bad...then it ain't all bad".

#87 For correct pitch and intonation, do not play with the slide in between frets as you would with your finger. Play with the slide center over the leading or "front" fret.

#121 Asparagus is properly eaten with your fingers. A Swivel Slide makes great fashion wear and dinner conversation instigation.

#123 Many Slide Slingers do I get good vibe? Slide vibrato is that little magical maneuver that adds sustain and rich textured fullness to slide guitar playing. A seemingly simple action that itself conveys the dynamic emotion of the slide, with slow weeping, soft glides and intensified pinnacle frills at the end of slide runs. It is crucial in the playing vocabulary of a slide player. It is the bridge between steel and string, though strings are usually steel themselves yes, and slides are not necessarily always steel... So, perhaps better said "slide and string". Yes that's it. It is the bridge between slide and string. It is an ability that not incorporated soon can discourage up and coming players to be sure. There are many ways one would try to articulate the vibrant vibro movement and how to achieve it. Perhaps sometimes it is not what is said but how it is said. "Instructions", if there is such a thing, which brings me to case in point. Vibrato, extended from the word vibrate...well not really extended...but derived from vibrate and extended from the word "vibe"... it is something you "feel". Yes, that goes without saying but your "mind". It is a foreign, unknown movement. Like any movement not yet known you have to see yourself doing it in your mind... and then you must commit to do the action. You must focus the intensity from your mind through your the very tips of your "fingers"...not singular. Do not focus on the slide and the one finger your slide resides upon...Concentrate on the tips of all your fingers...releasing energy so focused and located it causes your hand to vibrate intensely, with maximum output achieved at the tips of your fingers and eventually controlled with precision through your slide but... beginning with the slide itself. Oooh...ahhhh haaaa... Begin the movement of energy at the very point you determine with your slide and your thought...allow it to travel through your body and back to it's origin...thus completing the circle or "Balance of Slide Energy" and releasing your glided slide good vibe, or providing your glide, good slide vibe, or achieving good vibe! As in life, when achieving good vibe, do not concern yourself with form or speed...think only of your energy. In time you will feel the amount of pressure to apply back on the surface of the strings from the slide once you begin to control your vibe! This motion generates that "bowing or sawing" or "vibrato or vocal" sound from the slide contacting the string surface. It does not require much pressure at all. This is done without strain and effort, though you'll feel it pleasantly and hopefully pleasantly intensely through your whole body. Do not struggle or force...let it flow. It is your focused attention under your minds control that creates the power and freedom in your movement. Remember that always my slinger compadres.

#127 After playing always wipe your strings down. This prolongs the feel and tone of your strings and keeps the neck clean and "fast". Provide your slide some real glide and use Swivel Slide "Good Vibe Slide Glide" guitar lubricant and string polish and polishing cloth to increase and sustain the life of your strings. Available with other Swivel Slide guitar accessories.

#143 The Spanish word for guitar is guitar.

#157 If you are at a new jam and there is a really cute girl, chances are she is with another jamming guitar player or musician. However, with the flashy action of your Swivel Slide and your confidence, you should win her over fairly easy. If you are also wearing your "Chicks Dig the Flick" shirt from you'd also be expressing you know what a woman likes in a funny connotative sort of way, thus I am sure closing the deal and making her yours. Always have your Swivel Slide at your side ready to draw.

#204 The Swivel Slide becomes more responsive with use. A liquid lubricant can be used but may attract dust and dirt. Soap and water is enough to maintain the fast action of the Swivel Slide, however a little Mojo Powder (graphite powder, available with other Swivel Slide guitar accessories) requires less maintenance and cleaning and takes the Swivel Slide from the speed of sound to the speed of lightning!

#247 When traveling the sometimes lonely highway...preparation is key. Always carry a set of nylons preferably full length, not knee-high in your vehicle. You can substitute the nylons for a broken fan or alternator belt and if you happen to severely cut your knuckle while replacing the belt, your Swivel Slide makes a great splint. Carry it with you always!